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  Nickcentriccity is an unusual thing.  When Nick was faced with the challenge of  explaining how he was eccentric - and Nick IS eccentric - he found it hard to sum up.  So nick put together this website to help explain. Nick Steglich is a man of many talents.  Nick enjoys art in nearly every form it comes.  Colors excite Nick.  Music moves Nick.  Motion envigorates Nick. Nick hopes to Nickify the entire world.  Nick wants his name out there and he is going to employ every tactic he knows. Nick is omnipresent.  Mostly, omni-looking-for-a-cute-girl-to-marry.  So here are soem links to Nick's social networking and dating site profiles.
  Nick has worked for UMass Amherst, Positronic Design, Gavity Switch, and a multitude of other freelance clients including Salem Cycle, Pedipress, Ferdie's Soccer-Magic,  and Bentley College Nick's friends and family mean everything to him.  Nick's sister Kirsten is absolutely one of the most intelligent and talented people he knows.  Nick's parents, Helmar and Nanine are the whole reason why Nick is so deeply steeped in the visual and technical arts.  They are wonderful people and Nick loves them with all he has. Nick's friends are like his family.  Matt Natti, Dan Shuman, EJ Dawson, Scott Gasper, Andy Gerard, Kate Ferris, Pearl Annis, Mike Golson, Jon Morris, Rick Burnett, Jeremy Waltz, Yan Campbell... Nick loves them all. There are several places where nick feels most at home; places where Nick goes to get away or feel stable or  get back to being Nick.  These are places like Mt. Pollucks, Mutti's House, Tuckerman's Ravine, Crocker Park, Mt. Auburn Cemetery and Salem Willows.

The artistic series that you will find in this section are easily some of my most favorite pieces that I have ever done. They represent a lot of work, both mentally and physically. I have tried to pay very specific attention to even the smallest of details to make really stellar pieces of art. They do, for the most part at least, focus on me. The reason for this is because the majority of these series pieces were created in a time when I was trying to find myself and took deep, introspective looks at my life and who I was on a daily basis. I used this artwork to express the various aspects of what I was finding out about myself. The person you know as Nick Steglich became who he is today because of the thought that went into these series.

My Bonsai Life Series

Mmm... this will all make sense in a few minutes, but HOLY SHIT do I want a martini right now.

My Bonsai Life - Splash ScreenFuck it... I went and made one! So if my grammar starts to slip towards the end of this one, please let me know! So there I was, reeling in the throes of my break-up with Chelsea, drinking a lot and wanting desperately to understand myself better. I started dissecting who I was, one chunk of Nick at a time. I figured that I would make a Photoshopped series of these various aspects of my personality. And I figured I would do this at a miniature level. In some ways, these are my attempts at being humble and honest with myself. I knew that there were aspects of myself which I had never truly shared with anyone before, and I wanted for nothing more than for people to know me as who I was and am today. The Bonsai Life series allowed me to do that, and remians one of my most favorite, famous and provocative series yet. My first one was so successful (and in fact, one of the only girls who I met in Fitchburg who I thought was worth my time - Aimee Stark - ended up copying this idea because she liked it so much!) that it prompted severalo more. It is me. And I love it for that and so many other reasons [again, see Pearl]. I hope you enjoy them as well...

Nick's Bonsai Life Series - Shaken Not Stirred
Nick's Bonsai Life Series - That Sums It Up
Nick's Bonsai Life Series - Hand Picked
Nick's Bonsai Life Series - Artistic Appeal
Nick's Bonsai Life Series - A Perfect Match
Nick's Bonsai Life Series - Action Steglich
Nick's Bonsai Life Series - Apres Forking
My Bonsai Life - Nuff Said


The Action Steglich Series

Stemming from the success of my Bonsai Life series, I started the Action Steglich series... a series of Photoshopped images that further explain who Nick Steglich is - only this time in a much more blunt and sarcastic tone. It's me in an attempt at convoluting the humility and humbleness of the Bonsai Life series and instead approaching it from the Ego's point of view. I am idolizing myself and playing off of the strongest aspects of my persona. I am the Nick Steglich - Action Steglich Action Figure. I think that there are still more to come for this series... The Action Steglich Dream Subaru absolutely MUST happen at some point, as well as Perfect Pearl, Action Steglich's bombshell babe.

Action Steglich is a registered trademark of Nick Steglich's Most Awesomenest Bestest Super-Freakin-Coolest Named Series Ever, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nick's Bonsai Life Series - Action Steglich
Action Steglich - Extreme Snowboarder
Nick's "Action Steglich" Series - Domino's Pizza General Manager edition


The Inspiration Series

This is a series of drawings that I have done throughout the years. These drawings are of people. They are THE people who have most influenced my life. You will notice that there are a lot of girls - and I think that that's because many more girls than guys have influenced my life. I relate much better with girls, and I tend to find that they are much more free-spirited and non-conformist than guys are. I love that... And the guys that I have drawn are those kind of guys... Not girly... just different from the rest. Good Eggs. In all, I find that I draw only the people who really move me. Cassie is a perfect example... I drew Cassie a lot... But there have been precious few people who have been able to move me to a different dimension the way her voice did. Nor have I been able to find someone who has challenged my conscious being the way that Matt Natti has. SO these are those people. The ones that have made the difference or who have made me think differently. My tribute to them...

The Rents - Nick's Parents
Kirsten  - Nick's sister
Pearl - Nick's dream girl
Matt - Nick's Best Friend
Dan - Nick's other best friend
Melissa - Nick's ex and one of his best friends
The Rents
Kourtney - Kokiahh!
Halley Rae - Such an amazing source of youthful energy and inspiration.  Halley and Paige were the greatest.
Paige Monet - The shy one, but also the one who studied and understood what was happening around her.
Aimee - A girl Nick met at the bar and who helped him  to move on
Cassandra - a former employee, but also a friend who taught Nick what it is loiek to be young again
Justine - Nick's very good friend
Halley Rae
Paige Monet
Cassie - one of the people who has inspired Nick the most
Pearl  - another attempt by Nick at recreating her beauty.  It's not possible.
Kayla & Sparkey - my teenage friends who keep me in touch with my younger, frosted side.
Pearl 2



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